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Strong Rustic Tiles Adhesive/Glue

2017-6-3      View:
  • Brand   SHINDAH
  • Type   WL-168
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Product Description:

Wall Lover Agent Has good permeability and waterproof performance, can fully vitrified brick surface, and blend suspected soil infiltration, significantly improve the bonding strength on the surface (5-8 times). Effectively prevent the brick falling off. It is the best choice to decorate the wall, brick, floor tile and the back of marble.
Implementation standard jc/t 907-2002 
Environmental standard gb 18583-2008
Bonding strength/MPa 3.3
Temperature/ºC >5
Apply to the surface treatment of concrete, wall tile, floor tile, marble, glass, etc.

Main ingredients:
Polymer resin, synthetic fiber, concrete enhancer, additive and water.
Basic processing:
The surface should be firm, no deformable agent, floating ash and oil stained, and the wall besmear is brushed evenly, one time is ok.
1 kg WL - 168 can be coated in 8 to 12 square meters.
Storage and transport:
dry, ventilated, avoid light, environmental temperature is higher than 5 ºC.
1. This product shall not be used in combination with other solvents and esters.
2. If touched, Wash your eyes, mouth and skin with water.
3. The product can permeate the substrate rapidly, and the coating one time.
4. Winter transport and storage, keep warm, avoid the product freeze and spoil.

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