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Ribbon Mixer

2016-12-14      View:
  • Brand   SHINDAH
  • Type   Ribbon Mixer
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Ribbon mixer is designed for dry materials mixing, meantime liquid streams can be added. This mixer is composed of U-shaped cylinder, double helical ribbon blade and transmission parts. In working condition, the outer ribbon pushes materials from two sides to the middle, while the inner ribbon pushes materials from the middle to both sides. Through continuous convective circulation, the materials are sheared and mixed thoroughly and quickly. Batch cycle time shorten due to high mixing efficiency.


Chemical, Food, Animal feed, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer, Plastic, Battery, Cosmetic.

Standard/Optional Features:

  • Volume: 100-20000L

  • Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316L

  • center discharge, side discharge

  • Manually operated or Pneumatic operated Flap valve, ball valve

  • Designed for normal temperature and normal atmospheric pressure

  • Feed Nozzle

  • Dust Nozzle

  • Packing Seal

  • Safety limit switch          

  • Spray nozzles for liquid introduction are available

  • Explosion-proof motors are available

  • variable frequency drives is available

  • Sanitary type construction is available

  • Jacket for heating or cooling is available

  • Lid can be made fully-opened type, half-opened type, fixed type.


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