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Corrugated Paper/Paper Tube Making Use Starch Glue

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  • Brand   SHINDAH
  • Type   SHINDAH-1805
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(1) water-based products, safety use, no environmental pollution.
(2) Dry quickly, small deformation, high efficiency.
(3) High solid content, drying quickly, reduce the production cycle time.
(4) Short initial bonding time, suitable for different rotating speed, one time molding, increasing labor productivity.
(5) High bonding strength, high compressive strength, water resistance, good frost resistance, good liquidity even under 0 degree.
(6) Storage time more than 6 months.

  1. Be applied to all kinds of paper tube, paper tube production line, used to produce chemical fiber, paper making, plastic, packaging, textile, printing and dyeing industries, paper tube, paper cans, and paper core.
  2. Suitable for various types of corner protector production line.
  3. Suitable for producing all kinds of paper plate, paper honeycomb core, paper tray.
  4. Suitable for high grade carton, carton production line.
  5. Suitable for all kinds of manual or automatic pagoda pipe machine and mechanical volume machine.  


Technical characteristic:
Appearance Milky glue solution
Solid content/% 25-30
Viscosity/mPa·s 1200-2500
PH 6-7
Forming Temperature/ºC >0-3

stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated environment. Well sealing, shelf life can be more than 12 months, Transportation should be careful, prevent inversion, extrusion and exposure.

Packing &shipping
20 OR 50kg/barrel --- Size: L0.33 x W0.38 x H0.57 (M) --- 20' Container: approx. 315 barrels
IBC container (1000KG/barrel) --- Size: L1.25 x W1 x H1.2 (M) --- 20' Container: approx. 10 barrels

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